The Away Team (Clean)

by Kil

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The Away Team is a compilation album featuring all of the artist that I'm currently working with. At first I was gonna name the album "The Home Team" because who doesn't wanna play at home? Teams play hard all year 'round to get home court advantage in the playoffs. But when I started to think about it, I don't feel like we're treated like the home team. I feel like cats front on me and the peoples on my team...and for what? EVERY LAST ONE OF US ARE NICE AT WHAT WE DO! So why front? So when it was time for me to name the album, I just happened to be watching Reggie Miller's 30 for 30 ESPN special and I LOVED how Reggie talked about going into the Garden and silencing the whole state of New York. And that's how I feel cause I'm gonna LOVE it when we silence all of the labels, blogs, sites, critics, etc. who have fronted on us at one time or another.

I put this compilation together to help promote all of the featured artists and the projects that they're currently working on. All of these songs featured on this compilation are either on the albums that each artist are working on or are tracks off of one of my Through the Wire Instrumental series albums.


released April 10, 2012

Produced by Kil for Shibe Park Media Group/Illadelph State of Mind Publishing (ASCAP)


all rights reserved


Track Name: Osei Moreland - The Routine
Lyrics by O. Moreland
Track Name: The Unidentified Objects - Hungry
Written by A. Alston and K. Cotton
Track Name: Khalim aka K Fanat - Renaissance Musician
Written by K. Green
Track Name: Chuck Brown - Where I'm Going
Written by C. Brown
Track Name: Vegas - The Social Network
Written by S. Smith
Track Name: Kenny Pistol - Powder/What Happens If We Buck
Written by K. Suazo
Track Name: Cyclops - Money/1st Day of School
Written by A. Stein
Track Name: Vision - 2nd Hand Smoke
Written by K. McDowell
Track Name: Khalim aka K Fanat - Brooklyn (Remix)
Written by K. Green
Track Name: Driz Lo - Grind
Written by A. Alston, J. Rugga and K. Cotton
Track Name: Sekani - Istols
Written by S. Williams
Track Name: Khalim aka K Fanat featuring Shaa Duno - Practice
Written by K. Green and L. Green
Track Name: Vegas featuring Woodz and Viral Audio - Split Need Be Fair
Written by S. Smith, J. Johnson and T. Collins
Track Name: Viral Audio featuring The Unidentified Objects - Prudence
Written by T. Collins, A. Alston and K. Cotton.

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